“I whole-heartedly recommend this experience to individual women and groups! Fiona knows how to draw out our best selves, listen to our places of fear, and make all of that totally okay. Plus, it was one of the most fun girls nights I’ve ever had the pleasure of planning with Fiona. She’s extremely easy to work with, and I can tell how much her heart is in what she’s doing. She even dressed up in lingerie with us! I am so much closer to my girlfriends because of this – we got to have a shared experience of unleashing our deepest inner sexy and celebrating each other rather than feeling shameful or scared. Fiona has provided not just pictures for myself (which I LOVE), but an ongoing conversation with my best friends and a shared language around how to help each other when issues of body or worth come up in our daily lives.”

-Rachel, Boulder, CO

“Fiona helped facilitate one of my favorite women gatherings to date! She helped drop my girlfriends and I into the present moment, our intention and our bodies through a beautiful meditation, intention circle and ecstatic dance… all before the photo shoot even began. Fiona helped me feel very taken care of and comfortable. She is totally on point, super sweet, intelligent and brings her own vulnerability to her work (something worth praising)! I’d recommend this for your new Girls Night IN for sure!”

-Libby, Boulder, CO

“Self-acceptance is hard when you’re standing hunched over in front of the mirror squeezing the folds of your belly. My weight gain has been really hard on me. After my photo shoot with Fiona, I got to see myself in a different light. Seeing the soft curves and striking outlines of my body through a photographer’s eye enlightened in me a profound sense of appreciation and love for the entirety of my being. Fiona’a talents helped me see that I am desirable, beautiful, and perfect. Every detail of my body is part of an extraordinarily sexy whole. I turn to my pictures whenever I need a you-are-incredibly-beautiful reminder.”

-Amanda, Boulder, CO

“I recently did a photo shoot with Fiona Bartell and was not only blown away with the pictures but also with the experience. I wanted to express my warmth, authentic self and spirituality in the photos. Fiona made me feel safe as well as a part of the process. She danced between giving me direction and allowing space for me to show up as I am. There were moments during the shoot where we both noticed when I loosened up and started to express my heart’s message. I truly believe that was created through the process of working together and her love for me during the shoot. Thank you Fiona!!”

-Marissa M. Boulder, CO

My experience in having Fiona photograph me was pure joy. She is such a treat to work with and really made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I place high value on the portraits we co-created. The process allowed me to work through the owning of my body as a delightfully sensual being. To any woman who is interested in working on exploring their deepest capacity for sensuality, delight, and any blockages that might prevent her from experiencing these things, I highly recommend working with Fiona Bartell. She is a passionate, creative, and insightful coach and photographer.”

-Brooke, Boulder, CO

“Fiona offers a really unique experience of being in the female body. She helped me feel relaxed and comfortable during the Boudoir shoot.  Her creative and insightful suggestions were very supportive. In this respectful space, I was able to allow my self-expression and exploration to unfold in front of the camera. I feel empowered and excited from this new experience. Finally, the photos were just amazing!”

-Mara, Boulder, CO

“Posing for Fiona is not the typical photography experience. She incorporates a blend of challenge and ease. She is able to give you the insight you need to bring out your radiant beauty. I am still feeling the confidence boost that I gained from my session with Kat.”

-Naomi, Boulder, CO