One of my deepest struggles in this life of mine has been my relationship with food and my body. I spent four years and thousands of dollars healing a chronic


Photo by Sway Photography

illness that resulted from this poor relationship with food and my body. My rock bottom was when I was 17, on birth control with uncontrollable food cravings, on my knees crying and in despair of having utterly no control over my eating. I constantly critiqued my body and felt completely powerless to my struggles. 

But the world kept spinning, and after years of working on my relationship with food and my body, I am doing better than ever before. I still have struggles, but overall, I feel more whole, balanced, and kind to myself. 


I love to push my edge, try new things, and do things that make me uncomfortable. I love dancing – swing, salsa, blues, bachata, meringue, contact improv, ecstatic dance–anything that gets my body moving! I love having long and deep conversations about relationships and the human experience. Laughter is my medicine, connection is my food, and love is my water. 

I dream of a world where women have no shame about their bodies or sexuality and are honoring what they truly want and need.


  • I ride motorcycles.
  • I used to teach yoga.
  • I was a burlesque performer for three years and have been a dancer since I was little.
  • I grew up eating fresh fish and venison that my family caught from the land.
  • I have been a massage therapist for seven years.

Feel free to email me and say hi! I’d love to get to know you and your story!