Do you struggle to connect with your sexuality and sensuality in its fullest expression?

I can help you get in touch with the pieces of yourself that have gone into hiding. Together, through a process of 1:1 coaching and photography, you will uncover those places and embody them. And you’ll have the photos to prove it for the rest of your life. Learn more

“My experience in having Fiona photograph me was pure joy. She is such a treat to work with and really made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I place high value on the photos we co-created. The process allowed me to work through the owning of my body as a delightfully sensual being. To any woman who is interested in working on exploring their deepest capacity for sensuality, delight, and any blockages that might prevent her from experiencing these things, I highly recommend working with Fiona Bartell. She is a passionate, creative, and an insightful coach and photographer.”


“Self-acceptance is hard when you’re standing hunched over in front of the mirror squeezing the folds of your belly. My weight gain has been really hard on me. After my photo shoot with Fiona, I got to see myself in a different light. Seeing the soft curves and striking outlines of my body through a photographer’s eye enlightened in me a profound sense of appreciation and love for the entirety of my being. Fiona’s talents helped me see that I am desirable, beautiful, and perfect. Every detail of my body is part of an extraordinarily sexy whole. I turn to my pictures whenever I need a you-are-incredibly-beautiful reminder.”